Assorted sources have noted that today is apparently supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. There’s even a mathematical formula for those of you so inclined towards such nerditude.

Strangely, today wasn’t all that bad for me. And ironically, it was a really good day for several reasons that I won’t go into here because that’s not my laundry to air. The weather was intermittently sunny (I semi-blinded myself several times by looking up at the skylight – who puts a skylight in IT, anyway?); my debt to monthly salary remains enough to invoke hysterical and helpless laughter; the time since Christmas doesn’t really bother me, at least not nearly as much as the Easter in January phenomenon does; I didn’t have any bad habits that I was hellbent on quitting (and hey, I am cooking more and eating more fruits); my motivational levels remain crap, but that’s hardly new; and as for the need to take action… see helpless laughter and motivational levels. Fortunately, I can still make phone calls like nobody’s business.

That said, reasons to smile are always welcome, so feel free to attempt to make me do so. Today’s amusement revolves largely around repeated utterances of the word “wiener”. 🙂

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