It was much harder watching Brokeback Mountain the second time. I hadn’t been all that excited about the second viewing – didn’t think I needed to see the story again – but I’m glad I did. There was a lot more to see. Because I knew the scenery and the characters and the story already, I paid much closer attention to the people. I saw when/where the attraction Jack had to Ennis started. I saw Lureen realize who Ennis fully was, and saw her choose to be merciful. I saw Jack’s mother showing what mothers everywhere feel. I saw Ennis realize that Jack had meant what he said, and that he did what he could to try to “quit”. I respect the characters of the wives a lot more and the actresses who played them (though I still don’t think they were ideal choices). I’m even more impressed with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyl*’s performances. And the commentary on people and culture and human nature came through much more clearly. I cried just knowing the final scene was coming, and saw that it was even more spare than I recalled.

The big negative at this viewing was the audience. Holy crap. There were a lot of middle-aged women in the audience this time, and there was far too much tittering and embarrassed giggling and juvenile gasping. This wasn’t an issue on Monday. Grow the fuck up. These are, of course, the people who’ve made it publicly into The Gay Cowboy Movie. Cody seemed vaguely disappointed after the movie. “It was just a love story, really.” Yes. Precisely.

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