So Mark mentioned this, as did /., and frankly… I cannot get the creepy angle out of my head on this.

The EyeBud. Granted, it doesn’t help that the “model” bears a passing resemblance to Stephen Harper with his weird dead eyes.

For $600 you can wear a headset that makes your video iPod screen look like a 105″ screen (from 12 feet away). Right. Just imagine the joys of sitting next to some guy on the bus who’s gearheaded up with one of those babies… watching porn. Or wealthy parents who keep their kids quiet in public by strapping on the headsets and cranking up the Disney to enjoy a little silent teched-out bliss.

Plus, given that it only covers one eye, I’m seeing a brand new human expression evolving here, one that combines something like Jean Chretien’s Bell’s palsy with a traditional pirate squint in an effort to minimize disorientation and get an optimal viewing experience. Cuz hey, I loves me some geeks, that’s no secret, but a geek with one of those rigs? I’m thinkin’ the urge would be less one of seduction and closer to winding up for a good, old-fashioned smack upside the head.

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  1. I concur – the whole “monacle” thing is lame in the extreme, and is probably in use here to make cross-manufacturing easy. Military systems tend to be a single-eye set-up, and they probably didn’t want to re-engineer the whole thing for binocular viewing and mess up the profit margins.

    I personally use a Sony Glasstron instead, and highly recommend it to ANYONE. Sadly, the Glasstron is no longer in production, but there are a few units left in the retail chain, and there is a good selection available here. Note that I use the PLM-A35 Video variant – it has the same resolution as the VGA version, without the price tag. And if your laptop doesn’t spit out s-video, well, either pay the extra dough or get a real computer.

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