It’s International De-lurking Week, so say something. Yes, you. And that guy, over there. Yeah, the creepy one. Him, too. I know how to check my stats now, I know you’re out there…

International De-lurking Week

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  1. So I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 weeks (or whatever). I think you are awesome! I do have a blog myself, that I actually just got it going, so be nice. Nothing crazy, but simple enough. I still need to get the hang of it. No less, I figured I would write a quick hello to let you know that I was ‘lurking.’ So, I think this makes me officially de-lurked. Right? Well, keep your thoughts coming…..they’re good to read.

  2. I have been reading your blog as well 🙂 I lurk because I have nothing very “great” to say, but I keep coming back because I like your writing style 🙂

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