I looked at my site stats for the first time ever this morning. Shocking! (Even though I know it’s mostly probably me and a handful of friends and our RSS readers.) Still, over 22,000 hits in December? (I was uber-popular in December. Y’all were on vacation and bored, weren’t you? I know this because I was, too. And I posted the photo album of the renos and made everyone I know go look. Oh, and Qwyzzle. Fucking Qwyzzle.) πŸ™‚ Also: hello Iceland! I don’t know who you are and I don’t know how you got here and you probably left after realizing it wasn’t what you were looking for, but still – Iceland!

I didn’t even hear the bachelor party revelers come in. I was more annoyed at the dog for waking me out of almost-sleep with his repeated barking fits some time after 11. Couldn’t have been much of a party. I didn’t trip on a single stripper on my way out the door.

When I put my left contact in this morning it felt slightly odd. (I always put the left one in first for some reason.) Then I put in the right one and realized… the left one wasn’t there anymore. I looked everywhere in the bathroom and couldn’t find it. It’s a disposable and I will shortly need to replace them anyway, but still. Then as I took a second look around, I noticed my left eye felt odd. So I looked in the mirror, rolled my eye around like a crazy person, lifted the eyelids. Oh, there it is! Under my upper lid and to the left. That’s never happened before. Gross! (Fortunately it didn’t actually hurt.) I managed to fish it out and get it to stay where it’s supposed to. I could live nicely without that happening again.

Then I went to see how much longer the washer cycle was going to be for my laundry, and noticed that the foam from the detergent in the laundry tub looked like a vagina around the drain. So I took a (not great) picture. Because… why not? And hey, what better way to crank up the web stats than to include words like “vagina” in your posts.

foam resembling a vagina

Then I filled my water bottle since I was heading to the gym shortly, and I liked how the bubbles at the top looked, so I took a picture of that, too.

bubbles in the water

And when I actually got to the gym, I noticed a sign up on the way to the showers that said the use of hair colouring products are prohibited at the gym. Umm. People dying their hair at the gym is a common problem? Okie doke.

Oh, also, don’t use your tweezers for operations involving metal objects because it will damage the grippy parts and then you can’t remove stray eyebrow hairs and this will bother you a great deal even if you are only going to the gym but it will give you an excuse to mosey over to Shoppers and get a Tweezerman pair of tweezers which I hear are excellent. This has been a public service announcement.

2 Comments on Of a Sunday.

  1. Tweezerman tweezers ROCK (I have two – blue and yellow!) and thanks for the FREE COOTER PICTURES. *ahem* You’re welcome for the additional hits you’re gonna’ get for that. Heh.

  2. Hot tip: Filter your stats for unique IP addresses per day, and you dont get the “IQ bloat” (heh) that comes from the fact that certain RSS readers (whisiting innocently) hit your site 144 times per day πŸ™‚

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