Busy weekend. Up at 7 on Saturday and out into the snow and slush to the Market. Loaded up on assorted meat products (I love being able to literally walk down a row of butchers and procure the finest wares from each (chicken breasts, ground turkey, old white cheddar, sliced smoked turkey, smoked pork chops, smoked pork bones). Then do an about face and purchase cinnamon buns from the Mennonite girls across the aisle. Best. Cinnamon Buns. Ever. And they know me, such is my devotion. I’d probably get freebies if I spoke Pennsylvania Deutsch. πŸ™‚

Headed over to Andrew’s to eat said buns, drink coffee, read the paper, and let the dogs have their hour of porky bliss. (Gordie’s teeth are messy lately, so he was in need.) Clipped Barney’s nails (Gordie’s are so soft that they can get worn down to bleeding quick just from wearing against the pavement on a walk), then out into the now sunny weather to walk the beasts who, I swear, get doggier from eating the bones. More hyper, more sniffing, more marking, more herding… Sweaty by the time we got back. Granted, I didn’t have the tiny, easy dog. Given the size of the poop Gordie left for me to scoop, I suspect Andrew actually owned two beagles the previous day, not one… Headed home, put together my grocery list and… took a nap.

Got up mid-afternoon and braved the madness that is Zehrs on a Saturday and loaded up on groceries. I am doing well keeping to my goal of eating less crap. And cooking more. Hell, it feels like I’ve done nothing BUT cook the last couple weeks. Returned home and did some dishes and then started the smoked pork chops dish for the Metzger get together today. Put the sweet potatoes in the oven, too. Cleaned the bathroom, washed more dishes, then watched the Leafs get annihilated by the Sens and put another arm on the sockmonkey-in-progress. (And sewed my initials onto the bum one of the two who are awaiting homes – had forgotten all about that finishing touch.) After that, bit of reading, then hot monkey sleeeeeeep.

Up at 8 this morning and started laundry. Showered, made coffee, started on the salad, my other dish for this evening. Having a salad spinner is SO AWESOME when you need one. Drove down to the office to print off some stuff for my brother, then stopped at his place to drop it off and help finish tidying up before the open house. (Is it just me, or are open houses completely useless?) Came home and folded laundry and washed another pile of dishes and put together the rest of the food. Got ready, packed up food, left the house, picked up salad dressing, then headed over to Conestoga to The Villa of the Big Gay Lions. (Should have taken a picture…)

Answered the question, “So what’re you doing now?/So where are you working now?/So where are you living now?” at least half a dozen times. Amusingly, it was asked by several people who asked me the same question two weeks ago at the Baker Christmas. (My Mom and her sister Erma married my Dad and his brother, my uncle Ken, so one big chunk of the family is related on both sides. No, it’s not illegal or perverted. Shut up.)

I did get to discuss dogs with two cousins (one of whom is considering getting a dog for her boys in a couple years, they’re only two and five now). She was surprised that I’d recommend Rottweilers for people with little kids. I said Rotties and Boxers are two breeds I’d most heartily recommend for people with kids. I told her bottom line, though, with the exception of a handful of breeds that tend to be just too hyper and dominant and potentially prey-driven for people with little kids (JRTs, I’m lookin’ at you here), it’s really more about individual dogs’ personalities than specific breeds most of the time. (Well, that and things like size considerations, cuz if you have a Newf, chanced are he’s gonna flatten the kids by accident from time to time…) And of course mutts are often a safer bet health-wise these days. I said when they were ready to look, let me know and I’d keep my eye out for a fine specimen.

There were 15 kids at this gathering. The eldest was 11, and most of them were five or under. My cousin’s daughter Emma, who is eight, looks like her mom, and is one of the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen. She’s going to be ridiculously gorgeous. A kid after my own heart, too. She didn’t want to hang out downstairs cuz the others (the boys, mostly) were too wild. πŸ™‚ There were more girls at this gathering, which was nice, since they were a bit less wild and happily took the babies so the moms could hang out. (Yes, I realize that sounded gender-biased, but that’s what they asked to do. The girls cleaned up the basement after supper, too.) Heh, my cousin Janet said her daughter wanted to be a maid for Hallowe’en this year. She was like, “I didn’t have to buy her a thing! Here, have some rubber gloves and a bandanna and an apron and a bucket!” Heh.

Dinner was tasty. There was another pork chop/dressing dish, but it wasn’t sexy like mine. My pork chops were smoked and shredded and had a bourbon/shallot/garlic glaze, topped with a layer of mashed roasted sweet potatoes, and instead of dressing the topping was herbed multigrain bread crumbs with ground cashews and sauteed shallots.) I made a salad, too: baby spinach with red onion and apple and avocado and “Cranberry Gold” dried fruit and nut mix. I got a raspberry vinaigrette for it, too. It’s funny, none of them knew I could cook, and when they were asking for the recipe I was explaining things like deglazing the pan. Heh. And there were such healthy, low-fat options for dessert as trifle, Black Forest Cake, and cheesecake. Yum.

I was also perusing Grand and discovered an article on An Quaich, specifically the Tri-Cities chapter, which, as coincidence would have it, is co-hosting the Robbie Burns Night we’re attending at Verses on Wednesday. Truly, Sherry will be in her whiskey-swilling element. πŸ™‚

Headed home around 7:30, and holy crap am I tired. But hey, I have leftovers for dessert! And my brother stopped by to look up some stuff on a web site, and kindly put up my IKEA knife rack and towel rack (which I’ve had about six months and eighteen months, respectively…) Of course, he has an electric drill, so it took him about ten minutes total. (I have a decent toolbox, but no electric drill yet.) My brother definitely has more l33t skillz with power tools than with a mouse. Being a Usability Person, it was interesting watching him navigate a web site. When I told him to click something, he wasn’t sure how. (Admittedly, my mouse doesn’t have visible left and right buttons, so it’s fair that someone might not know where to click.) He caught on to the scroll wheel pretty fast, though. Of course, his hands are so big he’d be better suited to one of those giant gamer mouses. πŸ™‚

And now, time for more book lovin’ and sleeeeeeep. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best. I’ve been gone for the evening, and working ‘fore I left. And these so-called “weekends” will soon be my death… I’m so sick from the cooking I need software testing for a rest…

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