It was SO DARK when I got up. And foggy when I left home. This is possibly the best coffee I have ever had. The Decision Dice say to Complain Today. Yes, Dice, I will.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep all that well last night, in good part thanks to the cat. I did, however, have a dream from which I was woken up when the alarm went off. A really annoying dream.

I was sitting in the waiting area of a fairly posh spa. I was there for a manicure. And I sat and waited and flipped through magazines, and started to wonder what was up, since I’d been waiting a really long time. I also noticed that there was a display rack, and in addition to the nail polish, haircare products, etc. on it, there were also assorted sizes of winter windshield wipers (in blue and black). They were pretty fancy, since the covers on them weren’t plastic, but neoprene.

I started getting annoyed at the wait, so I asked the receptionist, who called someone, and they were all very apologetic. Shortly after someone came to get me, but not for my manicure. They took me into the area where people go to relax after their treatments, and brought me lunch. (I didn’t want lunch.) So I nibbled crackers and olives and sipped water with lemon and got more and more annoyed, because I was sitting there with women all around me in white terry robes crowing about how wonderful their mani/pedis or massages or body wraps had been. Grr.

Eventually someone came to get me and took me into a room that looked kind of like a Rococco ballroom with a bit of a Midsummer Night’s Dream twist. The manicurist greeted me and had me sit down in this big, comfy white chair, and was saying how, when my cousin Cheryl called to book this appointment for me, she insisted the manicurist (her name started with M – Monica, maybe?) bring her pet peacock to work with her that day so I could see it. At this point I realized I’d had some aspect of this dream before, because I remember having dreamed about Cheryl telling me about this peacock. (Riiiiiight.) So as I got comfy she went and took a cover off a cage (a wire dog crate, actually), and let out this peacock, which was male, and only about two-thirds the size of a regular male peacock. He didn’t have a big tail, but he was nicely coloured. Then he shrieked a few times. Peacock shrieks are not pretty. They’re ear-splitting. Then he insisted I pet him. He liked to be scratched at the back of the neck just above his wings, and would get pecky if you didn’t do it right.

Just after I shooed the peacock away and my manicure was FINALLY going to begin, the alarm went off. No manicure for me…

Stupid dream.

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