Okay, has it been a slow week for news stories? Cuz seriously, WHAT the FUCK?

Let’s see what’s in my RSS reader…

Paris Hilton accused of “vicious lies”: Hotel heiress involved in tiff with other heiress.

Sienna Miller: “I’m no victim”. ‘I’m quite tough and proud,’ says actress.

Scott Stapp announces engagement.

All right, those are Entertainment “news”, and they are from CNN, but still.

Oh, hey, how about ‘Truthiness’ is word of the year. Other notables: ‘Podcast,’ ‘whale tail,’ ‘soduko’. That’s a Top Story, y’know…

Whew, there’s some hard-hitting journalism for you.

I’d go dig up some stories from other news sources, but frankly, I’m afraid of what garbage I may stumble across. Cuz in a quick once-over of The Globe‘s International stories, I just saw the headline Sex slaves for science?.

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