Tonight, at 7:30: Muppets From Space. Tonight, at 8: MythBusters: Exploding House.

Suppose that’s why I own that artifact of yore known as a VCR, but still…

And, courtesy of MythBusters’ Jaws special last night, did you know that sharks do not have tongues? Bet you’ve never thought about it, have you?

Remember when Discovery Channel had that 3D special for Shark Week, with the MEGALODON? That was cool…

1 Comment on A girl is supposed to CHOOSE?

  1. The first time the Jaws special was on, I was needing to go to sleep early. I did not go to sleep early. Mythbusters is a special kind of evil. Yum. I vote for exploding house. That’s what I’m gonna’ be watching. 🙂

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