When I was between walks at the HS this afternoon, I was in the kitchen to wash my hands and reload on poop bags and treats. Two of the women who work there were also in the kitchen, discussing wine.

One of the women mentioned she’d discovered this one kind, which was fruity. “Boonies”, she believed it was called, and “boy, does it go down easy”. Far as I know, she was referring to Boone’s Farm wine, which comes from Michigan, one of the US’s premier wine growing regions… (Yes, I have been known to drink Wild Vines, but THAT’S DIFFERENT.)

Then another one of the girls was saying how she’d been to the LCBO the day before to pick up her New Year’s stock, and had gotten a bottle of wine for her parents. A German wine, whose name she couldn’t quite wrap her memory (or mouth) around. I helped: Liebfraumilch. (Blue Nun, anyone?) It was either that or a bottle of Black Tower, you see. Oy vey.

Clearly, I should have saved the money from the wine course and just gone to the LCBO with either of these women… πŸ™‚

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  1. Ah, I remember drinking Boones farm in college. None of the wine flavors, but the sweet ones. $2.99 a bottle, (sometimes on sale for $1.99) and you could buy it 24/7 at the nearby grocery store.

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