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Things feel… off this morning. I’m managing to get through my day in a reasonably efficient fashion, but things feel slightly shifted in a slightly uncomfortable fashion. It’s weird. I don’t quite have a headache, but my head and neck aren’t quite happy. I don’t quite have a sore throat, but I get twinges in my tonsils occasionally (which I get off and on all winter as I fight off this or that microbe). Leaving the house, my scarf didn’t feel like it was covering my neck right. My coat felt like it was buttoned crooked, except my coat has a zipper. The car felt like the tires were different sizes when I was driving. The menus I need to test on our new system constantly need permissions changes that I have to get someone else to do.

I have managed to arrange a few things, which always pleases me. I am all about the organization, and basically my day is now planned out til I get home from my hair appointment this evening. At which point I plan to watch whatever’s left of Survivor, then The Apprentice, while working on sockmonkeys. But it feels like there should be something… else. Maybe if I get through the day and accomplish everything on my mental list things will feel better. Or maybe I’ll lie in bed tonight and not be able to get quite comfortable, eventually falling asleep and hoping that tomorrow things will have shifted back to better.

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