Time warp.

At work, as previously mentioned, we have an “Angel Tree”. One of the gifts that’s been procured for one of the children with a tag on the tree is this:

Cabbage Patch Kid knockoff

Umm… From Wikipedia: The Cabbage Patch Kids were dolls produced from 1983-1989 by Coleco.

We’re entering Christmas Season 2005… right? These things haven’t been all the rage in, like… 20 years? Cuz that’s a picture of a Cabbage Patch Kid “Pumpkin” knockoff, right? Are they back? Or is some store just having one bitch of a time moving inventory?

And lest you think I am a total Scrooge, please enjoy this sparkly photo of an ornament that I took at work while waiting for the guys to finish peeing so we could go to lunch.


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