Had a relaxing evening with Sherry. Ate pizza, drank Chilean carmeniere (nice – light and fruity), watched an episode of Firefly I hadn’t seen (whores!). Laughed at Sherry’s streaks of Tourette’s as she expressed her displeasure towards those who cancelled the show. Watched some trashy tv. Watched some kinky trashy tv. Exchanged presents. I have grown up towels and can open wine like a pro (though it’s nothing like the monster feat of engineering Sherry got for Christmas, though I suspect I’d lose a finger in that thing…) and will never have to make a decision again! (I am going to fix the dice so they always land on griping and napping…)

And this, my friends, is how the holidays should be. Not that the visit with the M&Ms won’t be nice, but…

How long is Ben Hur again…?

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