Stolen from the LJ of someone you probably don’t know (cuz I don’t really know her, either).

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me.

Dedicated to my boss and the Work Husband, who both hate blogs. 🙂

20. Chad is apparently not my only brother. From what Mom recalls, she thinks the bio-bros were in university when I was born. I only learned this a couple months ago. For some reason this information would be much weirder to digest if they’d been sisters.

19. I can sing, quite well, actually. My voice is really well suited to country music (which is my secret shame). If I have to do karaoke, I’ll do Patsy Cline.

18. I am loud and dramatic and can be a complete dork in front of lots of people; I can act in front of multitudes. I never get stage fright. However, very rarely will I sing in front of even one person. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable. When someone finds out I can sing and then says, “Sing something!” I want to punch them.

17. I wore a D cup bra before I got to high school. (Not recommended…)

16. Our first dog was named Rusty. Looking at pictures now, he appeared to be a brown wiener dog. I always recalled him as some kind of terrier cross. We only had him for a few weeks, because Mom and Dad were told he was housetrained, and he wasn’t, so they gave him away.

15. My first memory, that I can attach a date to, is of chasing my new blue hat across the parking lot at Disney World. I was two.

14. I bit my nails my entire childhood. Still do, occasionally, when stressed, but seeing the hands of other people who bite their nails grosses me out.

15. I have tried tasting 3M “invisible” Scotch Tape (the whitish stuff) cuz it smells amazing. (Doesn’t have much of a taste.)

13. I think twins are very, very awesome. The symmetry appeals to me. (And there are more and more of them in my family these days…)

12. I am bothered by dogs and cats with “messy” faces, like Gordie’s. (It’s not just that I don’t like black-faced dogs, like Andrew thinks.) It’s the mix of colours and the “untidyness”, goes for cats, too. I think it’s ugly. And it’s a good portion of the pets at the Humane Society. (People look surprised when I tell them I have no problem not bringing home most of the animals because I think they’re ugly.)

11. I can barely whistle at all, except loudly with my fingers, which my brother taught me to do.

10. My brother also taught me to tie my shoes. Then we didn’t get along for about 25 years. 🙂

9. I am ambidextrous, but typically write with my right hand, and do detailed work and artistic or “crafty” things with my left.

8. I can mirror write (e.g. write my name with both hands, at the same time, one backwards and one forwards). I only learned this a couple weeks ago.

7. I can’t do math (even simple math) in my head without extreme concentration, so most of the time not at all. And I use my fingers for counting because I need a visual.

6. I did the tests to apply for Mensa, and qualified, but never bothered applying, since a friend of mine who is a member said it was a waste of time, except that sometimes people wanted to see the card he carried around in his wallet.

5. I have a mild fetish for crows’ feet and freckles. These are a direct result of dating an Australian and living in the country (where pretty much everyone has crows’ feet before age 20).

4. I have a not-mild fetish for knives.

3. There are only two songs that I can remember ever sending shivers up my spine, one is Deliver Us, from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, sung by Ofra Haza, about a minute and a half into the song, and the other is in the fourth movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, in the Ode to Joy.

2. I started drinking my coffee black after Andrew and I broke up, because I couldn’t stand the taste of sweet. (I have never quite regained the same appreciation for sweetness, and find sweet liquor – e.g. port – disgusting.)

1. My first crush was on Travis Roseborough, in Grade 2, at Breslau Public School. (I had to share him with my friend Becky Clayfield, which was very annoying.)

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