Cross your legs… and your fingers…

I have several friends who’ve had a shitty day today. Aside from a headache, mine’s not bad. However, it is never a good thing to come back from lunch (with a coffee, when you already kinda have to pee…) and see this:

washroom door

The sign tells us that the plumbers have been called and are working on the problem, and in the mean time we are allowed to go use the washrooms at The Brick (which is across the parking lot).

However, two hours later, when the washrooms are still unusable, and you decide the only logical course of action is to go to Starbuck’s to pee and get hot chocolate, it is even less heartening to walk out the door and see this beside the employee entrance:


Port-o-potties. Outside. In December. At work. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

However, when one returns from Starbuck’s and these have arrived, it is cause for much more grave concern. This concern is further validated when one reads one’s email and there is one from HR telling us all to call the Employee Hotline in the morning to see if the sewage problem has been resolved, and, if not, only essential staff (which I am not) need come in.

heavy equipment


So, kiddies, cross your fingers that Melle gets a Sewage Day tomorrow!

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  1. Oh dear god, I thought your employer was going to make everyone use portapotties all winter long. Glad you aren’t one of the suckers that has to go to the bathroomless office tomorrow. Fingers crossed for sewage day! (that’s definitely a new one, there’s been snow days, power outage days, bomb threat days but sewage.. interesting)

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