Walk the Line was excellent. Joachim Phoenix was phenomenal, and Reese Witherspoon was actually much better than I had expected. And as a woman, it was all too easy to relate to the miseries of dealing with a messed-up man in whom you can nonetheless see amazing things. And I had Junior Mints!

I also found another package of rubber ducks. So add those three to the one en route from Karen and I have… 70! Whee! Fortunately I don’t actually need or use the bar for anything… We went to Zellers in the first place so Andrew could have a look at the Nintendo DS special edition that came out today that has flames or racing stripes or something and comes with Super Mario Kart and a bonus copy of Animal Crossing: Wild… something. You can tell by my encyclopedic knowledge of the item that it excites me incredibly. Anyway, they were sold out, so Andrew got a raincheque he’ll never use.

Oh, and Qwyzzle has been sucking up rather too much of my brain power today. Shame on Jo!

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