Much as the idea of having your face ripped off, and the idea of having a new one grafted on icks me out on a number of levels, I have been following the case of the first woman to receive a partial face transplant with interest. Horrifying as the worst case scenarios of the transplant not working are, the level of quality of life improvement is something I can’t even begin to comprehend. (There are no full facial photos of the woman, but there is a computer construction that shows the area replaced, which is substantial.)

What’s also interesting as a side note, though, is the circumstances of how she was injured. She was attacked by a dog. A lab. Yes, ladies and gents, not a squat, wedge-headed, crop-eared, hyper-muscular killing machine breed, Goofus the friendly, rubbery, tail-wagging neighbourhood Labrador Retriever. Most popular breed in North America. Breed-specific legislation can kiss my ass.

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