An object at rest.

It is 9:26am as I type this. It’s Saturday morning. I am still in my jammies, my hair is defying gravity, I have a cup of coffee in front of me, and a load of laundry in the washer. I have no plans to paint anything today. I have no plans to drive to Home Depot today. Yes, I should probably shut up about how glorious it is to Be Done, but this is my blog and December is my month, so 😛

There’ve been four showings of the house, and there is an open house tomorrow afternoon. (I’ll be over there before hand brewing coffee and baking cookies so it smells good.) I am not concerned if it doesn’t sell before the new year. I mean, the holidays are stressful enough for most people without throwing house hunting into the mix. It’s trauma enough figuring out how you’re going to finance gifts for half the planet without investigating mortgage options. I do need to finish organizing the receipts and get the books up to date so that when the house does sell, I can be right there with my envelope of receipts and my spreadsheet and can suck my brother’s newly garnered money out of his pockets down to the exact penny. 🙂

I finished a book last night (Odd Girl Out) and started another one (Kingston by Starlight). I also remembered to add a book to my library hold list (100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed). Momentarily I will be creating a Books page to record these readings and my thoughts on them.

Sherry asked about Christmas shopping. Neither of us really wants to go. It’s well into Mall Madness season, but she has a bit to finish up, and I haven’t started. Well, not the shopping part. Fortunately, my list is short, and my family will be taken care of after Christmas (“it would be nice if I would” go digital camera shopping with my parents in January, heh). I’ve no idea what to get my brother, except a sum of money, which doesn’t sound very sentimental (and at Christmas, my family isn’t, but I digress), but it actually is an incredibly important amount. It kinda changed everything, and technically, I never gave it to him.

More coffee beckons. Books beckon. Fucking Qwyzzle beckons (I quit at Level 74 last night). But I should probably hit the shower.

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