I started pondering my Year In Review, things I’ve learned, etc. Except it all seemed rather depressing and “been there, done that”. Yeah, it was a helluva year, but I am actually starting to feel over it. I can see past the bad stuff and appreciate the good. The “yeah, but…” Mostly the good has to do with people. Evolving and improving friendships and relationship. (Yes, Andrew included.) I’ve met some cool people this year who I never would have met had the changes that occurred not happened. I also met some people who turned out to be a complete waste of time, but hey, it happens. I have a very strong, grounded sense now of “I can handle it”, it being… whatever. It’s a nice feeling. Doesn’t mean I want calamity to show up, just so I can prove my own mettle to myself, but still.

Anyway, there’s some mental meandering for you, and in place of my Year in Review I offer this wisdom from the Humane Society, which I observed today: When you have a vagina, attempting to mark territory is neither easy, nor elegant. Especially if you have long Doberman legs. Heh.

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