front window

Quiet Christmas again this year. Plenty of sleeping and eating and reading. Ahh…

living room

I spent the better part of two days curled up on the end of that couch, by the fire, with that quilt over me. One side is velvet, the other is flannel. Heavy. Cozy. And the couch reclines. I read about 800 pages.

front window

Last night the rain turned to snow. Heavy, crunchy snow that clung to everything. Pretty. No fun to clean off your car or drive through, though.


At 8am this morning, the world was blue.

bird feeder

The engineering result of my father’s 20+ year war with squirrels and raccoons. They can eat the seed, but only what lands on the ground (which is plenty). When they can get to the feeders, they make a mess and waste a lot and knock it all over the place. At least Dad took down the barbed wire at the top of the sheet metal.


Proof that red squirrels are not quite extinct yet. Though they’re pretty careful around the big guys and don’t get too close when the others are feeding (those black and grey squirrels are about cat-sized, thanks to having had access to bird feeder goodness for the last 23 years).


My brother has much better hair than I do – it’s thick and curls. However, I know enough to harness the power of modern cosmetological science and he… doesn’t. Not being 18 is a Good Thing.


Dad claims he checks his email several times a year. When I logged him into Gmail, there were 500 emails (I have him on a dairy science mailing list for work). And the oldest ones were dated December 4th, 2004 – the day I brought that computer home and set it up. Mom and I taught Dad about batch deletions. He enjoyed that.

Home now. Doing some laundry. Time for a nap, for tonight… Dr. Who!