I am wickedly craving garlic bread for some reason. Presumably the four humours – sugar, salt, fat, and caffeine – have gotten out of balance.

O Holy Night has been stuck in my head all morning.

I don’t want to work. I want to eat chocolate/roasted nut bark (it’s all gone now) and look at photo.net.

Someone brought in a plastic container of chocolates, what appears to be a standard assortment of milk and dark. However, based on the revolting “orange cream” one I just ate, I have a suspicion someone picked out all the nasty, unwanted chocolates and brought them to work. Now THAT is funny.

The lights at the Christmas tree lot looked exactly right this morning. I think the key is the half-light of morning while the lights are still on.

Hey Ho, Let’s Go.

Deb's obituary

Hey Deb. Newsprint is cheap crap, huh? The colour of that obit makes it look like you’ve been dead a lot longer than it feels like. Two years… Miss you.

Been trying to keep an eye on Dana (yeah, I know, I let her go crazy, I’m sorry, but she’s good now). We WILL hunt down a chocolate cake and toast you with our forks.

I saw Erik and Mike at Dana’s wedding. I’m sorry. No idea even what to say. How Mike looked… Neither of them recalled who I was (not surprisingly).

I’ve been mourning a few things lately, so… welcome to the party. But hey, Solstice was yesterday, and as of today more light will start seeping in. Any minute now… 🙂

Hope things are going well. You’ve arranged for plenty of good company to join you the past couple years. Not sure Dana’s forgiven you for Jerry Orbach yet. Do The Ramones ever get annoying? Is there a hint of zydeco in the air the last few months?

Love you, hon. We’ll talk again on Christmas Eve. Same as last year.