Courtesy of Andrew. Holy crap, that’s funny. 🙂

Copulating deaf couple unaware of own volume.

“The first officer on the scene, Frank Zipelli, reported, “I could hear those two all the way from the parking lot.” According to Zipelli, “It sounded as if they were bludgeoning a cow. There would be a low moan, like a ‘moo,’ and then a ‘bang’ and a higher-pitched ‘moo.’ It was like ‘MOO…BANG…MOOO!’”

“This can’t go on every night,” Zipelli told the couple. “I like eavesdropping on hot loud sex as much as any other RSO, but if these noise complaints keep coming in, I’m going to have to cite you.”


Stolen from Dana. And… the HELL??? Eating salad don’t make nobody happy. Hmph.

You taste like a salad. You are the epitome of
diversity and freedom. With your mixed flavors
and ability to blend with almost anything, you
make people happy.

How do you taste?
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C! H! C!

Stolen from Jo…

While the site is hideous, the blinking text made me feel like a seizure was coming on, and the graphics choices are… regrettable, I gotta admire their gumption.

Cleaning House Club.

Hmm, wonder who’s taken Small Business 101 courses… They have vision AND values. 🙂

Alas, I do not live in the Hammer…