Time warp.

At work, as previously mentioned, we have an “Angel Tree”. One of the gifts that’s been procured for one of the children with a tag on the tree is this:

Cabbage Patch Kid knockoff

Umm… From Wikipedia: The Cabbage Patch Kids were dolls produced from 1983-1989 by Coleco.

We’re entering Christmas Season 2005… right? These things haven’t been all the rage in, like… 20 years? Cuz that’s a picture of a Cabbage Patch Kid “Pumpkin” knockoff, right? Are they back? Or is some store just having one bitch of a time moving inventory?

And lest you think I am a total Scrooge, please enjoy this sparkly photo of an ornament that I took at work while waiting for the guys to finish peeing so we could go to lunch.


Appearances can be deceiving.

Much as the idea of having your face ripped off, and the idea of having a new one grafted on icks me out on a number of levels, I have been following the case of the first woman to receive a partial face transplant with interest. Horrifying as the worst case scenarios of the transplant not working are, the level of quality of life improvement is something I can’t even begin to comprehend. (There are no full facial photos of the woman, but there is a computer construction that shows the area replaced, which is substantial.)

What’s also interesting as a side note, though, is the circumstances of how she was injured. She was attacked by a dog. A lab. Yes, ladies and gents, not a squat, wedge-headed, crop-eared, hyper-muscular killing machine breed, Goofus the friendly, rubbery, tail-wagging neighbourhood Labrador Retriever. Most popular breed in North America. Breed-specific legislation can kiss my ass.

Before and after.

And here it is… the long-awaited gallery of before, during, and after pictures of the renovations.

Chad’s House.

My brother’s not a “computer guy”, but I will make sure he sees it. I’m the one who hears a lot of the kudos, but he did a lot more work than I did, not to mention that I got to go home every night and he survived the physical and psychological miseries of living in the middle of THAT. (The main project started in March, but the house has been torn apart, at least in part, for at least a year.)

And now, may I direct all your crossed appendages, good vibes, and karma points that I’ve accumulated to Ms. Carolyn Benevidez (hopefully) Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire… 🙂