This evening I had my first wine appreciation class. Alas, Sherry was not present, but I accumulated the vast pile of handouts for her, and even polished her wine glasses, because I am a humanitarian. (To solve the problem of the instructor getting left washing a zillion glasses at the end of each class, or the liability of us washing our own at the College, they invested in six-packs of IKEA wineglasses, and we each get a pack to have and to hold and to bring each week, and at the end we get to keep them.)

Good things…

– The instructor has eyebrows that put Andrew’s to shame – they’re big, they’re bushy, they’re combined, they’re heading into outer space, and they come to points. Magnificent!
– He teaches at a good, fast pace. I didn’t get bored at all (I usually do).
– There was a good mixture of technical info, solid wine-related info, and tidbits/anecdotes.
– The notes are very comprehensive, hardly needed to write anything – he’s obviously been at this a while.
– Wine! Though we tried four chardonnays tonight, none of which particularly turned my crank. Ahh well, we try eight whites and 12 reds total in the course, so my time will come. One of the chardonnary hybrids had a fairly strong bouquet of perm solution. And I thought wet dog and petroleum were weird.

Bad things…

– None of the wines were wonderful.
– Some of the people are lame, like the cougar in the back who’s both a keener AND thinks she’s funny, and the snobby dude who has a moustache AND a centre-parted proto-mullet. Seriously…
– It fucking SNOWED.

Very much looking forward to next week!

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