The loaner? She is not beautiful. An 80s vintage red Plymouth Sundance. So now I know what Other Sherry’s car would be like if she still had it…

175,000+kms on the odometer, a little rusty, a lot dirty. It vibrates, it grumbles, it thinks accelerating is an awful lot of work. The heater only works on high, and the suspension needs attention, so it bounces like a stripper trying to give a lap dance to a fat man, but hey, the brakes are good.

Last time I got a loaner from the garage, it was an even older 80s vintage metallic powder blue Mercury Cougar. Oh yeah. It was rear-wheel drive, and I had it in February. I damned near killed myself in that goddamned car.

Oh well, at least when I take Giuseppe in for the recall, it’s unlikely they’ll have anything of that vintage to give me. They’ll probably just drive me where I need to go in the shuttle. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 300C. Or maybe a Ram 3500… Heh.

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