The Big Stick.

This is The Big Stick. It was purchased as a gag gift back when we were all back at Descartes and, as Marketing Coordinator, I spent money on things like cured hickory axe handles with hockey tape grips. When the woman for whom it was purchased left the company, she passed it on to me. When I left, I passed it on. Then circumstances developed at my current company, and I requested The Stick from its custodian for one of the girls on my team. And so The Stick arrived at its new home. Since then, it’s passed to three other people, and today it passed again (as always, to someone in need of it).

It’s fun to see the look on people’s faces the first time they heft The Stick. It’s big enough, and has enough weight to feel substantial in the hands. There’s a sense of power. And you want to hit things with it. It sparks cameraderie, and makes people just a little bit wary of you. One of our IT guys likes to play with it, and I warned him never to play with it around old hardware. His eyes lit up when I said that. CRT monitors: beware!

I’d be hard-pressed to remember most of the other gifts bought for the event the stick was bought for, but sometimes an item just strikes a chord with people. Melle smash!

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