Yesterday at lunch we were discussing acronyms. My boss is a geek, and pretty net-savvy, but he has shockingly poor acronym recognition. I don’t think my knowledge of such things is by any means exceptional, but he’s had to ask about things like “YMMV” and “STFU”. His excuse is that he is “not l33t”. Umm, neither am I, dude.

From there we moved into Messenger-related communications patterns in general, and, as one would expect (with us), kvetched about the suffix comments – “LOL” and the like. And how much we hate them. Because, everything else aside, the odds that someone is actually LOL at something you said, or, even more annoyingly, ROTFL/ROFL, or, even more annoyingly, ROTFLMAOPIMP – you get the idea – is pretty bloody unlikely. As the Work Husband pointed out, would it be that hard to use something true? His suggestion of “MAIC” (Mildly Amused Internal Chuckle) works for me. 🙂

Now, where was that comic with the line about SMYOAALTS…?

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