squash and sheep

At work the other afternoon, one of the girls in Underwriting came wandering by… pimping squash. Turns out her father-in-law works at a farm, and keeps bringing them to her house, and they were numbering upwards of 40, and she was getting desperate to get rid of them. They were butternut squash, but they were also really large. Like, irradiated with gamma rays and turning into superhero veggies large. So I and another girl in my area said what the hell and followed her out to her car to get a squash each (which is when I found out how big they were). Somehow I not only ended up with the biggest one, I ended up with the most obscenely shaped one. (The joke of the afternoon became “because I’m single and she’s not”.) It was lots of fun having them on our desks all afternoon. Plus, a giant, phallic squash and a stuffed sheep are just made for a photo op together. And hell, people were still coming around the next day. And really, you can’t have enough off-colour jokes flying around at work, especially when they make your boss’ face turn beet red with the overwhelming effort NOT to respond to a particularly blue comment. 🙂

sockmonkeys in drawer

This is the foremost among the reasons why I think our CEO is an ass. The… decor policy, I guess you could call it, at the new office. Apparently it will impress guests to make it look like no one actually works there. The sockmonkeys (the remaining two – Dan took his when he left), live here. In a drawer in Rob’s desk. GRR.


I planted this in the flowerbed in front of my brother’s house this spring.

leaf in concrete

I’ve parked my car in the same place (usually) across the street from my brother’s house for the past… eight months or so. I have never seen this before. I wonder if someone did it intentionally? What’s interesting is that the houses on that street are 80-100 years old, and the sidewalks haven’t been done in some time. I wonder how long that’s been there?

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