The former Descartes girls had a semi-annual/quarterly get together this afternoon. We like to do a weekend, which typically involves booze and snack foods and jammies, but it didn’t quite work out this time. No matter, we had lunch and shopping and splendid conversation and sweets that had the words “Dutch” and “apple” in their names.

Alexandria’s, my cousin’s shoe store, continues to taunt me. I found a pair of black heeled slides – very close to the ones Gordie chewed – but the largest size they had left was a half-size too small. The other pair I quite liked was the last pair in the store. Size 6. Hahahahaha! Fortunately, the other girls took up the slack (troopers, they are…) and bought shoes, boots, and purses for the cause. Then we popped next door to the lingerie shop (also owned by my cousin) and there were slippers and a very saucy little two-piece number purchased (alas, not by me).

After that all were satiated, so it was time for coffee, dessert, and the more interesting conversational topics. (Hand gestures were, at times, required.) All in all, a very fine afternoon.

Oh, and a new tradition was started, somewhat by accident. So I am now the proprietor of this, for now:


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