This weekend I haven’t had to get up to go anywhere (at least on a schedule), so I haven’t had to set my alarm. I’ve been waking up at times that are really late for me – 8:30ish yesterday, 9:16am this morning. Change of seasons, fading of light, etc., I guess. I haven’t been going to bed any later, so I’m getting plenty of sleep. Feels goooooood.

I remember one dream from last night. I was with a group of women. Most of them were WNET girls. Might have been some others. It seemed kind of like a reality show, but not really. We were in an American city. At the pivotal point, I and another woman were instructed to look at the bridge, and on its side in red LEDs they flashed the names of all these cities – cities where we were going. The key being that they were all cities where one or the other of us had “unfinished business”. (This seems to be a theme of my fall.) What was odd is that the woman with me is not a close friend, nor someone I would ever end up travelling the world with. Anyway, as soon as the list of cities started flashing, I knew Sydney would be on it. I can’t remember if the list went alphabetically, or geographically west to east. I do remember that when Sydney flashed on the side of the bridge, I was so excited I was utterly speechless. What an odd feeling. And rather similar to how it feels when you’re really crying and your chest locks up and you can’t breathe and you start to panic. (Ever have that happen to you since you were a small child? HOLY CRAP.) Anyway, much, much excitement.

As luck would have it, the dream was also lucid, which I enjoy. I remember starting to think about who I’d take with me. And there was no one obvious choice. Which kinda saddened me. There were a number of choices for a number of reasons, but not just one perfect companion. Then shortly after we found out that it would be just she and I travelling (she’d been talking about who she would take, too). But it was okay that it was just us. I don’t remember any more after that. I do recall that the bridge seemed like a cross between the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. These are both cities where I have unfinished business (though I have never been to San Francisco).

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