I saw this at Home Depot a day or two before Dana reported it. I’d wanted to take a picture, but there were kids around at the time, and my motives were most assuredly not pure. Then I forgot to comment on it until I saw her post.

And then last night I was flipping through the Home Depot flyer at Andrew’s… and there it was. Andrew was a tad alarmed and intrigued when, from across the room, I hollered, “Holy shit! The blow job snowman!”

Here it is on the Home Depot web site: 8 Ft. Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Snowglobe W/ Snowman Inside.

What you don’t see in any of these pictures is what I saw upon entering Home Depot the first time I saw it. You see, it’s all about angles. These shots are intended to cleverly hide the “snow distribution mechanism” that blows the snow around the inside of the globe (since I doubt you’re really encouraged to pick up and shake an eight-foot inflatable snowglobe). You see, the snow distribution mechanism features a black tube out of which the snow shoots (you may know where I’m going with this…) This tube juts out, on about a 45 degree angle, from under the snowman. Front and centre on the snowman, if you know what I mean. I had to look twice the first time I saw it. Then, of course, I grinned the grin of a naughty child.

And, as luck would have it, I’m working on Chad’s house all day today. The list of things I need at Home Depot is already in my purse. As is my camera. (It’s always in my purse, I’m not that mental.) This time? There WILL be a photo, child loiterers be damned!

PS. The unfortunate anatomy of the thing makes me even more convinced that this magnificent item was invented and manufactured just for Deb. 🙂

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