A perfect night to be inside looking out. So of course I have to drive one end of town to the other. 🙂 However, I had my new coat on, I was less tense than I expected to be, and everything that needed to get done got done. My left arm is aching rather annoyingly from my flu shot, but the nurse told me that’d probably happen this evening.

stormy night

I knew where my house was because I could see my neighbour’s blue LEDs around the front window. The blowing is getting pretty crazy. Be safe everyone. Even Baloo could hardly see the porch railing from the front door.

Brothers frame

I first saw this frame in my brother’s room ages ago. Back then I didn’t think anything of it, really. It hadn’t been long since Chad had discovered he had a brother, and I thought it was sweet that he had it and figured there would soon be some goofy photo showcased there. The frame is still empty, as you can see, over a year later. It bothers me, a lot, every time I see it.

Chad grew up with me. We never got along very well. We are as different in personality as in appearance. At 21 he met his half-sister, who was two at the time. Years went by, he kept in touch peripherally with his biological mother and her family. His biological father swore up and down that he didn’t have any other kids. Except people Chad met through him would say things from time to time that sounded strange or didn’t add up. And then Chad learned about Donny, who is nine years younger than Chad. Finally, he had his brother. Their personal styles are very different, but their features are nearly identical. Meeting Donny was very strange. Donny also has a 16-year-old half-sister, who Chad basically adopted as his sister, too (Donny and Chad share a father, Donny and his sister share a mother). So now Chad had three sisters and a brother. Except things didn’t quite end up happily ever after, with either side of his biological family. Especially the side with Donny on it. Donny and his sister took advantage of Chad a number of times, until he finally pretty much gave up (which, to me and our parents was a big relief). They didn’t grow up the way Chad and I did. I don’t think they know any better. So much for wanting a brother.

Chad and I have talked a lot in the past year. We’ve gotten along better than we did for the preceding 29 years. I have become protective of him with a ferocity I suspect rivals that of mothers for their children. I have joked about being the only “useful” sibling he has. Mom laughs because of the truth in it. However, I can give him money, time, work, phone calls, lists, lost sleep, and anything else that will get this year-long project finished, but I can’t put a picture in that frame.

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