Sherry and I were there in April for a Neilsen Norman Group conference. I’d never been to New York before, and was kinda scared of the idea. As it turned out, I LOVE New York. Admittedly, we were in upper Manhattan, so it wasn’t exactly down and dirty, but we did an open-top bus tour, which, though we had a tour guide who had to be on crack, and which was freezing after dark, was pretty cool. And Hulk Hogan was staying in our hotel (the Grand Hyatt Park Avenue), and refused to ride the elevator with Sherry. (I wouldn’t, either: she had two scotches in her…) Anyway, the camera was still pretty new to me, and it’s not great for shooting while in motion. However, some highlights…

Times Square

Times Square, where the tour started from. Holy media porn, Batman…

Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building. Art Deco goodness. (Plus, I drive one…)

fire escape

And the fire escape goes up… and up… and up… So not the landscape of Waterloo. 🙂

Wonder Woman

Wonder Womaaaaaaan! A comics and collectibles shop. This was heading down into SoHo area, I believe.

park in Brooklyn

A park in Brooklyn. Some of my favourite bloggers live in Brooklyn. 🙂

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, from underneath, Brooklyn side.

Manhattan skyline

Manhattan skyline, wobbly. As I recall, the WTC used to be right around the middle there. (There is a specific tour that hits lower Manhattan and Ground Zero, but it’s during the day and the evening tour covers parts of the whole city.)

Manhattan skyline

More skyline, heading towards the Statue of Liberty. (She was so small in the picture I took of her that I didn’t bother including it.) The Empire State Building was decked out in red, white, and green while I we were there. I don’t remember what they were celebrating. Something Italian.

Bowery Mission

The Bowery Mission.


CBGB’s. Quite possibly the most famous and musically important club ever. And, y’know, with all those legal problems…

street scene

Cabs everywhere. Forget where this was. Lower Manhattan somewhere, not far from where Macy’s was originally.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall. Near the end of the tour. I was turned down for the Rockettes. *sniffle*

Chrysler Building at night

Photo I took the first night we were there. Chrysler Building again. I was kind of in slack-jawed awe at being in New York. We had dinner at this crazy diner the first night.

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