This morning I emailed one of the women in Finance who I’d been working on a test plan with and asked her to swing by my desk because I had a couple of questions. So she came over, and as she got to my desk, she said, “Oh, Marlene…” and started explaining something about the system we’d been working on. I had to give my head a shake there for a second.

So when she finished talking, I grinned at her and said, “Melanie, actually…” (We’ve been working together for several days; she knows my name.) She laughed and apologized and said she knew a Marlene Baker from blahblahblah… I told her that, actually, Marlene is my Mom. And her eyes got all big and she was all, “Oh!” but as it turns out she doesn’t know Mom. (It was entirely possible that she did, since she’s in Finance and Mom was in banking and this woman is somewhat older than I am.)

Weird there for a moment, though…

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