Miss Understood.

My, seems I’m batting a thousand lately with giving people the wrong impression.

Work – check! Friends – check! Boys – check! Hmm… was my mother still in a good mood after I wished her Happy Birthday this morning…? 🙂

One thing to remember, my dears. The people I choose to have around me are good enough to be close to ME. Therefore, your conclusions are unpossible. I’m okay, you’re okay. Awesome, even. QED. Logic, thy name is moi. 🙂

In other news, Sherry and I are pondering blogged book reviews. Or possibly even duelling book reviews! Yes, ladies and gents, I am dumb and cocky enough to consider going textually toe to toe with a woman who has not just one, but two English-related masters degrees. Boo. Yah. (Least I’m still taller than she is…)


All that said, some things are still in holding patterns…

Also, wish me luck tomorrow, ’round lunch time. 🙂

One Reply to “Miss Understood.”

  1. 1. Were you on “American Idol”??
    2. I await the sound of pages turning and cerebravisceral thrill of pens bein’ mighty!

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