Matrimonial loop.

At work, the girl who sits behind me got engaged two weekends ago. The intermittent congratulations and discussions of the circumstances of the proposal and barely germinated wedding plans have been going on for over a week. Same coversation. Same details. Over and over. I was polite, I admired the ring and asked the standard questions. I even like the girl in question. But I am about ready to shove that diamond up the ass of the next person who comes over, and, in that incredibly annoying tone reserved for women talking about weddings, faux-coyly says, “So I hear you have news…”

Of course, I only spend eight or so hours a day at work, so it’s a good thing I go home to a house also inhabited by people who are engaged. Yesterday Teresa had a surprise shower (to which I was invited but blessedly had a prior commitment), and in the early evening I got to hear her and a friend going over the shower and the gifts in That Tone for a good hour upstairs. *sigh*

And the wedding isn’t until February. And I’m invited. Whee.

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