It occurred to me last week that I had never backed up my photos (I got the camera in mid-March.) This caused me mild alarm… so I waited several days before getting around to backing them up. They took up three cds. Go me!

Some time I’ll get around to backing up the rest of the crap that’s on here, in anticipation of the inevitable hard drive failure, but that’s not as concerning. Hrm. I should put an external drive on my Christmas list. Along with a red Kitchenaid food processor. And a printer. And speakers. And… *sigh* The list is lengthening rapidly and I don’t actually know that many people who love me. 🙂

Anyway, I think over the next little while I will post photo retrospectives. For example, I didn’t have this blog yet last April when I was in New York, and really, I know you want to see blurry pics from the after-dark-with-the-crack-smoking-tour-guide New York bus tour…

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