Hot Rocks.

So today at work sucked. Meetings upon meetings. WebEx, PowerPoint, task items, more scheduled meetings… ugh. Fortunately, it also happened to be the day I had booked my massage! w00t! It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a massage of any kind, so I decided to try out a hot stone massage, since I’d never had one, and didn’t know anyone who had. Yum! I had a cute chick rub me with oils and hot rocks for an hour and a half. I felt noodle-icious afterwards. She didn’t entirely fix my left shoulder blade, but I already know the tension there is largely a result of my head, so that’s fine. Given that the first massage I ever had left me covered in bruises and feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, and that I was so loopy from sleep deprivation when I had the second one that I don’t remember it, this was, by orders of magnitude, the best massage I’ve ever had. I will go again. I will probably try some “regular” massage and see how that goes, too. I don’t think I bruise quite as easily anymore. (Though I shouldn’t have been bruised the first time, either.) Given my skin sensitivity, the touch was refreshingly fabulous, too. Usually it’s a concern since I haven’t met a lot of people (men particularly), who know how to touch. That’s why I’m typically happy to give massages to my partners, but have no interest in getting them. Now, if Alison the Masseuse was interested in being my partner, that’s another story entirely… I hear she does body wraps, too!

(And after the massage I met up with the carpet guy to get the measuring done and organize installation, and then I picked Giuseppe up at the garage and returned the shitbox! Today r0xx0rs!)

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