Today has been one of those days that would have been better spent at home, under the covers. Happy I’d be had my only concern been which kind of tea to make and whether to read another chapter of my book before napping. However, instead, I have been mentally organizing errands, worrying about friends, frowning over the frustrations caused by the male species, and trying to communicate some fairly important information in a logically flowing and coherent fashion. In PowerPoint. *sigh*

In addition, I have been feeling crappy and anti-social. So throw in a pointless meeting and an impromptu team lunch – including the director of the department!

And then one of the IT Services guys (tech support and networking, etc.) comes over and asks me where/how you report “disturbing spam”. Delightfully, I didn’t even have to ask him what he meant. So I pulled up the OPP Child Pornography Section Complaints page and copied the email address for him.

Some days it doesn’t feel very complimentary to have someone say, “Thanks, Melle. You do know everything.” Hell, had it been an animal-related complaint I could have given him a name and direct phone number, too. Whee…

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