Feelin’ Groovy.

Today suXX0r3d, til I left work, anyway. Headed over to Chad’s and got to work conditioning the wood on the post and beam in the living room. Tomorrow I will stain it, and it’ll be done, too. Chad painted Daryl’s room and the doorframes upstairs. Holy crap, does that look a million times better. Closer and closer… I did a Zehrs/Home Depot/Canadian Tire run, too. Soon I’ll have no reason to go to Home Depot, ‘cept for laundry condoms, and blowjob snowmen. ๐Ÿ™‚

The feeling of Almost Done that I felt on Saturday came back to me tonight. It’s like being high. Once the house is actually sold… That’ll take some time to sink in. I can’t even imagine what it’ll feel like for Chad. He’s going to have his life back. Hell, he’s going to have an entirely new one. He’s been happy recently. Singing, dancing, shrieking. Kind of infectious. Good.

It was fun, too, going over to see Dan’s new townhouse tonight. Architecturally, it’s not bad at all. But the decoration? The many mint greens, the random painting and wallpapering, the bizarre fluorescent lighting, the gold trim, the chipboard valance… Makes me want to go over to Chad’s and lick the “Caraway” walls. ๐Ÿ™‚

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