They’re back, ladies and gents! Yes, the fucked up dreams have returned… This is the one from this morning, as much as I remember, anyway.

I was getting married, and it was The Wedding Day. Amusingly, there was no groom in sight, and I had no idea who he was, but that didn’t seem to matter. What mattered that getting dressed in my wedding attire bore a strange similarity to getting dressed in my Hallowe’en costume this past Monday morning (the irony being that for Hallowe’en I was a black widow). And, in fact, I was wearing the same veil. (Yes, black veil for my wedding.) In fact, my whole ensemble, was black or the green of the chairs in the Muskoka meeting room at work. Let me see if I can pull up a visual…

green chairs

There they are on our first day at the new office. So yeah, for my wedding I was decked out in black and acid green. (I knew it wasn’t real at that point; I’m getting married in red.) I also couldn’t find any decent jewelry. It just kept appearing and it was all tacky. Seriously, would it have killed you (brain) to conjure up some diamonds or something?

Anyway, all this stuff kept going wrong, and I kept wandering around outside with this guy in a black suit – wedding coordinator, maybe? Actually, it kept alternating. There was a guy, then he’d go away. Then there’d be a woman, then she’d go away. And it looked like we were at some grotty old community centre (I don’t THINK so), and then at one point the best man was eaten by a crocodile that leapt out of a giant mud puddle in the parking lot. Seriously. So basically, we were running REALLY LATE, and nothing was going right.

I don’t remember much else anymore, ‘cept that I woke up smirking, and then was gently lulled back to sleep when a thunderstorm started just after I woke up. (And I remember thinking I could use some hot groom action right about then…)

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