I am out of coffee beans, and forgot to get some on the weekend (plus I’m kinda holding out for a trip to Hamilton to hit Fortino’s, since I < heart > their Costa Rican beans, but since Dana’s crazy and Mark doesn’t like me, I’ve no reason to mosey on over to the Hammer), so this morning I chanced Timmy’s Rage and went to the Evil Timmy’s near the office. The reason I started bringing my coffee to work every day was because of that Timmy’s. I got tired of always getting to work late and enraged thanks to their gross incompetence. (Plus, real coffee tastes so much better.)

Anyway, I saw from the corner that there was only one van in the drive thru. I got all excited. I turned the corner, pulled in to the parking lot, and… empty. Not a single car in the drive thru. I zoomed up to the intercom and ordered, pulled up to the window, paid, and received my coffee, all within a minute, and then was on my way to the office. Kind of in shock. And rage-free.

I have taken this as an omen that today is Melle Day. Everything WILL go right, and everyone WILL do what I want, and NOTHING will piss me off. Or the universe will KILL YOU. Just for me.

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