Clearly, I am missing my calling. Not only do I know where virtually everything in Home Depot is located these days, now I am helping the actual staff do their jobs. Today I was waiting my turn in the paint department, and was helping trying to get some basics through the head of a woman who’d clearly never lifted a paint brush in her life… and wasn’t planning to. I’m not doing this! I just said I’d buy the paint!” I suspect her son – who was with her – just got his own place, and she’s helping with the decorating (which is to say, she’s decided on the colours and is paying for the paint but he and whomever else will have the fun of doing the work). She wanted to paint one room, currently lavender, chocolate brown. She figured that because it was a dark colour it’d go right over the lavender, and they probably wouldn’t even need primer. Oh boy. The poor paint guy had a bugger of a time explaining to her that, in fact, dark colours are thinner and you need MORE coats, AND tinted primer. I chimed in and outlined how Chris painted the upstairs bathroom (deep red). She was NOT happy about the idea of it being more work and more paint, and yet she was insistent on the chocolate brown. The conversation about finishes was fun, too. The paint guy asked her what finish she wanted, and she had no idea what he was talking about. So I began to explain eggshell vs. satin vs. high-gloss, etc. to her. The paint guy then stupidly chimed in to tell her about Behr’s new finish, which is “sateen“, and which is now the only finish kitchen and bathroom paint comes in, or soon will be (for maximum scrubability, I guess). I just shook my head, since she was already confused enough, and she was asking about paint for bedrooms.

Anyway, after I got my paint I went to the self-checkouts, since there were much longer lines at the cashiers, and noticed a man watching me as I scanned through and paid for my paint. He then asked if those were easy to use. I said they were easy as pie, and after my receipt printed he came around and I walked him through how to use them. I got him through to where he entered his PIN, then told him where the receipt would print, and wandered off. He was most grateful. Poor guy. He looked like he’d been waiting in the cashier line for a while, and all he had was a rubber stopper or some tiny thing.

So, not quite done yet, as we’d hoped to be. However, just a few little things to do – touch up spots on a couple ceiling tiles where the tape took off the surface layer, replace a piece of trim along the ceiling seam and paint it, install the new door handles on the hall closet, paint the window frame in Chad’s room, and then the upstairs is finished. On the main floor, I need to tidy up the ceiling and wall paint (little corner spots, uneven edges, etc.), paint the window frame in the kitchen, possibly get a blind of some kind for the kitchen window, finish off the corner of the counter behind the door, prime and paint the two doors I’m having cut (they’ll be ready on Thursday), have a frame put up around the doorway to the basement (and paint it), have some caulking done in the kitchen and living room, paint the wood Chad put up under the door to the deck, and put up the remaining outlet and light switch covers. And then we just need to clean it and on the market she goes. (The aim is now for next weekend. The real estate agent is coming over tomorrow to have a look around.) See? Told you I can keep everything in my head now. 🙂

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