It was… magnificent. Just like old times. There were four “layers” of corporate hierarchy present. All three levels of management present were named Mark. The business vs. IT dynamic was in play. The whiteboard was filled with illegible scribbles. It lasted two hours. The CEO talked for almost all of it. And there were bingo words. Glorious, marvelous bingo words…

  • retrogressively
  • synergy around
  • repeated references to the “shape” of files
  • bring to the table
  • action items
  • the real future
  • vision

I feel… so young! Thank God I have my wine course tonight… 🙂

2 Comments on Best. Meeting. Ever.

  1. Did my favourites praxis, action (v.), agreeance, and wordage get in there? As in, “we can version the wordage offline until we come to agreeance”? Or, “let’s action the deliverables so our future praxis reflects the prioritization processes utilized as best practice?”

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