A start.

I have sent an email extricating myself from some holiday “traditions” of the past few years. Traditions that, to a large degree, I have stopped enjoying. Traditions that, after the year I’ve had, I simply can’t do this year. That was a first step.

December starts in a little over a week. In a little over a week the house will be done. Work might be changing. It’s time for Me. I’ve been the grownup long enough. I’ve managed everyone else’s problems long enough.

So hey, if I call you or want to make plans with you or, hell, email or message you over the next while, it’s because I really want to, or happen to be feeling really social that day. Lucky us. For anyone I don’t feel has been making an equal (or any effort) in our relationship, whatever form it has, I’m done carrying it or chasing you or simply being the one holding up everything. Engage or go away.

I’m not getting many (or possibly any) holidays this year, but I AM going to get my life back on my terms.