Won’t you be… my neighbour?

Ontario mom faces $2M libel suit for website about problems in neighbourhood.

Lovely. I knew there were plenty of shitty and shoddy subdivisions being built around here to keep up with demand, but this is makes me snarly.

The woman’s site is here: http://ca.geocities.com/infringements@rogers.com, though at the moment unavailable due to exceeding bandwidth, presumably thanks to having been Slashdotted. And Farked. A cache of it is here.

Activa’s web site isn’t much.

And this site has some commentary.

Shadow of the Giant

Dear Orson Scott Card,

You should have quit while you were ahead. What are we now – nine books into the Ender series? Unfortunately, about five too many, I think. I loved the first four books. I loved the ideas. I loved that children were portrayed as people. I loved that an American Mormon could write with intelligence and sensitivity about the thought processes and faith of Brazilian Catholic space colonists. It was even okay that you killed Ender, because you told his story to the end.

But these other stories? The main note they strike (at least with me) is one of self-indulgence on your part. Maybe Bean and Petra and the others are stories that deserve telling, but I don’t recall any of them, as written, being compelling or thought-provoking, or even (particularly in the case of this last one, since it’s been some time since I read the last one) very good. Unfortunately, since “Randall Firth” and his mother were still at large at the end of this book, I can’t help but suspect that you have more stories up your sleeve. Which is kinda too bad.

Dialogue III.

Another one from the archives. Word tells me it’s from some time in 2001. Don’t remember where it came from. Some sort of alternative perspective thing, I guess.

Dialogue III.


It occurred to me last week that I had never backed up my photos (I got the camera in mid-March.) This caused me mild alarm… so I waited several days before getting around to backing them up. They took up three cds. Go me!

Some time I’ll get around to backing up the rest of the crap that’s on here, in anticipation of the inevitable hard drive failure, but that’s not as concerning. Hrm. I should put an external drive on my Christmas list. Along with a red Kitchenaid food processor. And a printer. And speakers. And… *sigh* The list is lengthening rapidly and I don’t actually know that many people who love me. 🙂

Anyway, I think over the next little while I will post photo retrospectives. For example, I didn’t have this blog yet last April when I was in New York, and really, I know you want to see blurry pics from the after-dark-with-the-crack-smoking-tour-guide New York bus tour…

Brush strokes.

I spent a good 12 hours painting this weekend. All day yesterday and a good chunk of today. I’m tired. My lower back and hips are achy. I coulda/shoulda stuck around at Chad’s longer today, but… I couldn’t. I was tired, I was hungry, and I’d had enough of climbing onto a ladder and poking a brush into tight corners. Sloppiness was going to happen soon. Better to stop and come back to it than to burn out so close to the end. That was part of it, too. Each thing I painted revealed something else that needed painting. Yesterday was easier; there were more visible “chunks” of work getting accomplished. No matter, just keep plugging away.

I was feeling the need for company, too, and something more stimulating to focus on than brush strokes. Sherry and I met at Chapters, but it was exactly the environment I wasn’t in the mood for. I wanted to sit and relax and eat and drink, but everyone in the greater KW area was there, so there was nowhere to sit or eat or drink. We wandered around and looked at books, but I am not in the market for books; I have three library books that I am poking my way through. Within about an hour I was getting pretty tired, and the aforementioned lower back and hips were not happy with me, so I headed home. It’s too late in the day to nap if I want to sleep tonight, alas. I still want company. I still want conversation. I can’t get a hold of one person and I suspect I should leave another alone. Which leaves me and the cat and some library books, I guess.


This weekend I haven’t had to get up to go anywhere (at least on a schedule), so I haven’t had to set my alarm. I’ve been waking up at times that are really late for me – 8:30ish yesterday, 9:16am this morning. Change of seasons, fading of light, etc., I guess. I haven’t been going to bed any later, so I’m getting plenty of sleep. Feels goooooood.

I remember one dream from last night. I was with a group of women. Most of them were WNET girls. Might have been some others. It seemed kind of like a reality show, but not really. We were in an American city. At the pivotal point, I and another woman were instructed to look at the bridge, and on its side in red LEDs they flashed the names of all these cities – cities where we were going. The key being that they were all cities where one or the other of us had “unfinished business”. (This seems to be a theme of my fall.) What was odd is that the woman with me is not a close friend, nor someone I would ever end up travelling the world with. Anyway, as soon as the list of cities started flashing, I knew Sydney would be on it. I can’t remember if the list went alphabetically, or geographically west to east. I do remember that when Sydney flashed on the side of the bridge, I was so excited I was utterly speechless. What an odd feeling. And rather similar to how it feels when you’re really crying and your chest locks up and you can’t breathe and you start to panic. (Ever have that happen to you since you were a small child? HOLY CRAP.) Anyway, much, much excitement.

As luck would have it, the dream was also lucid, which I enjoy. I remember starting to think about who I’d take with me. And there was no one obvious choice. Which kinda saddened me. There were a number of choices for a number of reasons, but not just one perfect companion. Then shortly after we found out that it would be just she and I travelling (she’d been talking about who she would take, too). But it was okay that it was just us. I don’t remember any more after that. I do recall that the bridge seemed like a cross between the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. These are both cities where I have unfinished business (though I have never been to San Francisco).