Random Photo Goodness.


I have heard blogging referred to, on more than one occasion, as narcissistic navel-gazing. Fair enough. So here’s my navel. Gaze, my pretties! Gaze like the wind!

Crumb feet and tail

He makes me poke him.


I bought my annual pomegranate this week. I say “annual”, because… it is. I buy one per year. Not sure why. They’re kind of like a “’round Christmas” thing, like clementines and Turtles. Plus, tasty as they are, they’re a pain in the ass. Majorly labour intensive, messy, the juice stains. Plus, I hadn’t really noticed before, but… they’re kind of obscene… (Granted, they are in the running for the Biblical title of Forbidden Fruit.)

See no evil, hear no evil…

I don’t know what was worse, seeing/hearing the video for this song, or witnessing my brother bopping along and singing to it. (Although the irony that my brother is skinny and “lump”-free was kinda cute. And he is rather less skanky and drunk than Fergie…)

And seriously, Peas. You used to be awesome. The hell happened?


Stolen from Nicole.

If you can read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, please post a comment with a memory of us – even if we don’t speak very often. It can be anything you want, good or bad.

When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you. (You don’t have to do this, it was just part of the meme.)

Mostly posting this since I have no idea who all reads my blog, and it’s slightly more subtle than just demanding that people comment. 🙂


The Waterloo Home Depot has put in SELF-CHECK-OUTS!!!

I can now die fulfilled. They’re snazzy, too. They talk to you! This can get vaguely annoying when you’re ringing through ten 97 cent gutter hangers, but still – w00t!

This even makes up for the fact that they moved the inflatable snowglobe and de-wanged him.

Snowin’ ‘n’ Blowin’…

I saw this at Home Depot a day or two before Dana reported it. I’d wanted to take a picture, but there were kids around at the time, and my motives were most assuredly not pure. Then I forgot to comment on it until I saw her post.

And then last night I was flipping through the Home Depot flyer at Andrew’s… and there it was. Andrew was a tad alarmed and intrigued when, from across the room, I hollered, “Holy shit! The blow job snowman!”

Here it is on the Home Depot web site: 8 Ft. Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Snowglobe W/ Snowman Inside.

What you don’t see in any of these pictures is what I saw upon entering Home Depot the first time I saw it. You see, it’s all about angles. These shots are intended to cleverly hide the “snow distribution mechanism” that blows the snow around the inside of the globe (since I doubt you’re really encouraged to pick up and shake an eight-foot inflatable snowglobe). You see, the snow distribution mechanism features a black tube out of which the snow shoots (you may know where I’m going with this…) This tube juts out, on about a 45 degree angle, from under the snowman. Front and centre on the snowman, if you know what I mean. I had to look twice the first time I saw it. Then, of course, I grinned the grin of a naughty child.

And, as luck would have it, I’m working on Chad’s house all day today. The list of things I need at Home Depot is already in my purse. As is my camera. (It’s always in my purse, I’m not that mental.) This time? There WILL be a photo, child loiterers be damned!

PS. The unfortunate anatomy of the thing makes me even more convinced that this magnificent item was invented and manufactured just for Deb. 🙂