Love meeeeeeee!

Stolen from Sherry. (Who apparently needs psychiatric help… Shocking, that…) I, on the other hand, am frickin’ loveable. So of course I’m single… And, according to my mother, will never get a man because I went to Home Depot in my paint clothes… *sigh* 🙂


Finally got out again for a bike ride this morning. Might well be the last of the season. We got rained on, though fortunately the worst of the rain was after we got back. We were in agreement that we are both deplorably flabby and old. Then we tried to go for ribs. But were denied! And ended up with pho. Mmm…

Andrew tried out his new cycling goggles. He was the sexiest man in the universe. See?

Andrew in track suit.

I know, the track suit totally takes it up a notch…

Here’s a close-up of the goggles. Really… there can be nothing sexier…

Andrew in cycling goggles.

Where are the pictures of me, you ask? Could I possibly have looked half as good (especially since I own no goggles?) Well… here, see my wet pants and right sock? 🙂

Melle's wet clothes.