This man is very interesting. Smart men who think and observe and who can intelligently muse on sticky topics like religion are delicious. Eating nachos with your fingers is also delicious. 🙂

In other news, while the Leafs are my first cheering option, I don’t get too riled up about them (and I am even willing to buy fugly Red Wings merchandise in public for friend purposes), but I gotta say, shootouts are an abomination. And quit calling so many goddamned penalties. It’s hockey, not a tea party. Don Cherry must be weeping into his well-starched shirtfront somewhere…

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  1. No. no, no, and no. Yes, the shootouts are an abomination (and I feel obligated to point out that I said it before you did) but the penalties are NOT a problem. This is a GOOD thing, since it puts a premium on skill, and penalizes plodding cementheads (aka most of the Leafs roster). These are the same penalties that they called in Don Cherry’s day- interference and hooking are not NEW concepts. In Don’s day nobody clutched and grabbed because (surprise!) they got sent to the box for it.

    The return to the old rules means that there are more open ice hits, more big checks, and some actual speed and skill on display.

    The fact that the Leafs can’t keep up and refused to re-tool for the faster game (like, oh, 29 other teams did) is simply a happy little bonus. Along with Pat Quinn’s alarming-yet-fascinating decomposing face.

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