It bothered me that Andrew and I never really travelled together (well, except for the trip to Montreal a couple weeks before he left me…). There were issues of timing and money, but I also never got the impression that he wanted to, either, which stung. I mean, he’s gone on numerous trips with his housemate, one would think his girlfriend would be welcome once or twice. I guess preferring to travel to at a level where toilet seats are expected and not a rare luxury made me too high maintenance… šŸ™‚

Anyway, Andrew and said housemate planned a vacation for this fall. They booked a flight to New Orleans… about a week before Hurricane Katrina arrived. Oops. Rescheduling became necessary.

They then booked a flight for Miami. They fly out Monday morning. Hurricane Wilma is tentatively scheduled to arrive in Florida on Saturday.

Now, you might be thinking… Gee, bet their travel insurance company is getting tired of phone calls from them! Well… no. They have never purchased travel insurance (which tends to include trip cancellation). Paula (the housemate) thinks it’s too expensive.

Mostly, I’m a pretty good friend, but given that Andrew and I didn’t travel together, and that the booking path insurance offered when they booked their initial flight through Expedia is offered by the company I work for, my black German heart is positively simpering.

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